Development Management Services

We will not advise you proceed unless we are confident that our forecasts will be achieved in the resulting financial outcome - that is our guarantee

Feasibility Reviews

The most important step to get right covering, building costs, Tax, GST, rental rates, yields, head works fees, reserves contributions, banks, interest rates, holding costs, land costs, valuations – the list goes on and if you get one or more wrong it can significantly reduce profitability. Signature Property has systems in place to quickly confirm an opportunity is viable and accurately indicate the financial outcome.

We will identify the risks and set out a process to minimise these.

Concepts Design

We have quantity surveyor experience and 30 years in the construction sector which ensures the cost efficient design without compromising aesthetics to achieve the best development return.

We will provide a design brief or review concepts with an educated eye to o avoid over capitalising development.

Resource Consent Coordination

This can be a mine field unless you know what you are doing. Costs can escalate quickly and we know when to introduce Resource Management Planners.

Planning and Budgeting

Failure to plan is planning to fail. Timing and cost control are critical to maintain your return on investment. Controlling costs in a development project, until a contract is signed, means you are dealing with a moving target. 30 years in construction project management means this is second nature to Signature Property.

Poor planning may result in disaster.

 Design Coordination

Close relationships with design consultants is vital to keep cost effectiveness while not compromising aesthetic design features that attract tenants and buyers. Signature Property recognises and promotes this outcome.

Construction Strategy

Main contractor, construction management company, in-house, home builder, measure and value contract, cost plus – which one is selected can often lead to a greater margin and less risk for the Developer and Financier.

The strategy to deliver the physical development is the key activity in this area.

Project Management

Project Management is the tasks involved in the planning, coordination and overseeing of the construction process.

Signature Property has managed the construction of developments for many clients and themselves – the decisions made under construction strategy will decide what’s best for the particular development.

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